Pole Barn Homes

Ask a builder or general contractor what the easiest, simplest residential structure there is to build, and you are very likely to get one quick answer: pole barns. It doesn't take an ultra-skilled veteran of the field to construct one of these types of buildings; in fact, even the construction novice is likely to be able to complete this project using ready made house plans and the convenient pole barn kit. Pole barn homes, on the other hand, are slightly more complicated buildings, though still comparatively simple to build. These residential pole buildings have picked up considerable popularity over the course of the last handful of years or so and are now considered rather in fashion by many people. That being said, pole barn homes are certainly not for everyone, and depending on your personal aesthetic preferences and where you happen to live, they may be the farthest thing from the type of abode that you picture yourself living in.

Pole Barn Style Home

What Makes a Home a Pole Barn Home?

Pole barn homes, as you may have already guessed, get their name from the structures upon which they are built. Specifically, any true pole barn house will be supported primarily by poles which are typically made of wood or similar base material. Historically, the wide majority of pole based homes have tended to be rather uninteresting in design, and were characterized by the unadorned facades and nondescript styles.

Pole Barn Home Construction

More recently, pole barn homes have emerged as quite sleek and modern looking houses. Also known as post frame homes, these houses are not founded upon a traditional frame structure – as most homes in the United States tend to be. Instead, post frame homes are founded upon horizontal supports and a system of support poles.

Modern Pole Barn Home Interior

The Advantages of Pole Barn Homes

  • Low Cost – One of the most attractive features of pole barn homes for many buyers in the market is the price. These houses, by and large, are very affordable when compared to the real estate market in general and comparable sized homes in the area. There is one primary reason for the lower construction cost of a post frame home: regardless of any additional features to the house, it will always require less material to construct because of the pole structure. When you are using less material, there are less material costs and a lower expenditure overall.
  • Simple Construction – Along with being quite inexpensive to construct, post frame houses also have the added advantage of being relatively simple to build. Given the current economic climate and the depressed housing market in most regions of the country, there is no shortage of people looking for more affordable ways to achieve a comfortable, livable house for their families. As previously mentioned, people looking to build a post frame house can often do so even with out the professional services of a general contractor or a design build firm. Instead, people can simply buy a pole barn house plan and a pole barn kit and use these simple tools to build the home themselves – which can also save considerable time.
  • Easy Maintenance – This advantage goes somewhat hand in hand with the previous advantage. Homeowners with pole barn homes will quickly find that they do not have to deal with house upkeep to the extent that many other homeowners may be used to. With steel sides, as many of them have, there is no exposed wood on the exterior house (which is a major pain point when it comes to common maintenance issues). Furthermore, if the siding and roofing are metal, there will be no upkeep needed in terms of siding that needs a fresh coat of paint or shingles that eventually need to be replaced.
Building a Pole Barn House

Pole Building Maintenance

One thing that owners of a pole barn home might notice is the look of confusion they receive the first time they call the plumber or electrician. However, this should not be a major cause of concern, as there is not a hugely significant difference when it comes to fixing any problems with the internal electrical wiring of the house or putting in various fixtures in the walls. Someone who is considering building a pole barn home and is reading this might also consider another potential disadvantage to this style of living: lack of customization or personalization in style.

Pole Building Home Design

It is true that a good number of post frame home owners will use the premade house plans and pole barn kits, but that does not necessarily mean that they do not have the option to customize. A quick search on the internet will deliver an array of services that specialize in serving this very niche of the market – people who have specific designs in mind for the pole barn house. These services let the homeowner send in designs, and they collaborate to build the home as the owner likes.